Bed Bugs


We feel it’s our job to protect Garland, Texas residents from the bed bug that seems to be showing up all across the U.S. once again. These pests were around in the past and seemed to have all but disappeared but that relief was short-lived. They have since been making a comeback and they’re not an easy pest to deal with. Taking the necessary steps to prevent bed bugs from the get-go is the best way to avoid an infestation.


Bed Bug Extermination in Garland and nearby areas


Do you know where they came from? The majority of calls we receive regarding these pesky little nuisances, the individuals have an idea of where the bugs may have came from. Determining this can help a great deal when it comes time to treat the bugs.



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For instance, if you just purchased a used piece of furniture and now you’re noticing them- well there is your first sign that you likely brought them into the home this way. In this case we could inspect the furniture for signs of bed bug activity and then the surrounding area to see how serious the problem really is.


If you can’t think of how they entered your property it’s quite alright. We can still help. An inspection helps us determine if the bugs are actually present and just how big the population is. Then treatment can be drafted and further details discussed.


Risks of Bed Bugs On Your Property


This is not a pest that you want to ignore should you find them or have the slightest suspicion that they have invaded your space. They feed on you while you sleep and can feed for up to 5 minutes then return to hiding. They’re hiding in your bed frame, mattress, box springs, bedding, nearby furniture and decor and just about anywhere.


Quick infestation rates – the longer you delay treatment or are unaware of their presence the more time they have to multiply and thoroughly infest your space.


Bites all over your body – not many people enjoy waking up scratching every morning from bug bites; especially when they’re already covered in bites from nights past. Some people can have a reaction to bed bug bites which can cause the bite site to swell and redden and become extremely irritated.


Some people will go months getting bit every single night before investigating the issue, only to discover they’re way late in realizing what the real problem is.


We conduct a free inspections


If you’re not sure you have them just give our Garland exterminators a call and we’ll schedule an inspection. We know exactly where to look to find them. Remember, they’re nocturnal pests so you’re not likely going to find them during the day; unless you have a serious infestation. Then you’ll see them all the time and won’t have any doubt that you have bed bugs on your property. In this case an inspection isn’t required and we highly recommend calling a professional immediately. Don’t delay if the problem has already gotten that serious.


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